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This is a Line 6 model pack. Model packs are software add-ons that dramatically expand the collection of amp and effects models in compatible Line 6 hardware devices, or on computers authorized to run POD Farm 2.5 or better.

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(Tip: you can run the Line 6 License Manager to see what licenses and model packs are authorized for you to use.)


Required Hardware:
POD Studio GX
POD Studio KB37
POD Studio UX1
POD Studio UX2
PODxt Live
PODxt Pro
TonePort GX
TonePort KB37
TonePort UX1
TonePort UX2


Amp Models:

Based On*:

Bomber Uber

Bogner '02 Uberschall

Connor 50

Cornford '03 mk50h

Deity Lead

Diezel '03 VH4-Lead

Deity's Son

Diezel '03 Herbert


ENGL® '02 Powerball

Brit Silver

Marshall® '87 Silver Jubilee

Brit J-900 Cln

Marshall® '92 JCM-900-Clean

Brit J-900 Dst

Marshall® '92 JCM-900-Dist

Brit J-2000

Marshall® '03 JCM-2000

Diamond Plate

Mesa/Boogie® '01 Triple Rectifier®


Peavey® '02 5150 II

L6 Big Bottom

Line 6 Original

L6 Fuzz

Line 6 Original

L6 Octone

Line 6 Original

L6 Smash

Line 6 Original

L6 Sparkle Cln

Line 6 Original

L6 Throttle

Line 6 Original

L6 Chunk Chunk

Line 6 Original