OwnHammer Workhorse GB25

Marketplace Vendor: OwnHammer
Marketplace Asset Type: Impulse Response
Marketplace Compatibility:
  • Helix Family
  • HX Stomp
  • HX Effects
  • POD Go

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The OwnHammer Workhorse GB25 Collection is a Line 6 Marketplace exclusive impulse response library featuring:

• (16) 1x12's
• (19) 2x12's
• (22) 4x12's
• (3) 6x12's

• GB25M (2010's T1221)
• GB25V (1990's T1220 - 6402 cone)
• GB25X (50/50 mix)

• 57
• 87
• 121
• 421

• Extreme
• High Gain
• Mid Gain
• Low Gain
• Solo Lead
• Live Sound
• Summary

• 5 brightness/darkness placement options per mic and non-Summary mic-mix
• 5 multi-element mixes, or combinations of multiple cabinet and speaker types

This library encompasses the range in sounds of the G12M 75-Hz reissue speakers as of their reintroduction in the late 1980's. This beloved speaker type has been heralded as legend and an industry standard of tone by guitarists in the studio and on the stage for decades, which is faithfully recreated here with a sound that's part gritty, part grimy, part grungy, part chimy, and all parts rock-n-roll. The "GB25M" represents the sound of the 16 ohm variant in the post 2002/2003 manufacturing and materials changeover era from this loudspeaker company, and has the textbook lower mid cut, upper mid push, and lower high cut that largely accompanies this time period of speakers. The "GB25V" represents the sound of the 8 ohm variant in the pre 2002/2003 manufacturing and materials changeover era, and conversely has more lower mids, less upper mids, and more lower highs when shot the same way in the same cabinet. The "GB25X" creates a stellar middle ground between the two, and is the recommended starting point for exploring this comprehensive and definitive collection of tones for this speaker type. 

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