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This is a Line 6 model pack. Model packs are software add-ons that dramatically expand the collection of amp and effects models in compatible Line 6 hardware devices, or on computers authorized to run POD Farm 2.5 or better.

Expand your device's model set to match the full power of a PODxt, for a total of 36 Amp Models and over 50 stompbox and studio effects! (These are different models than you find in Metal Shop, Collector Classics and FX Junkie.)

(Tip: you can run the Line 6 License Manager to see what licenses and model packs are authorized for you to use.)

  Required Hardware:
POD Studio GX
POD Studio KB37
POD Studio UX1
POD Studio UX2
TonePort GX
TonePort KB37
TonePort UX1
TonePort UX2


Amp Models:

Based On:

Line 6 Clean

Roland JC-120 + Marshall JTM-45

Line 6 Mood

Line 6 Original (overdrive)

1965 Double Verb

Fender Twin Reverb

1965 Plexi 45

Marshall JTM-45

1996 Match Chief

Matchless Chieftain

1960s Super O

Supro S6616

Line 6 Agro

Line 6 Original (Hi-Gain)

Line 6 JTS-45

Marshall JTM-45 + Fender Tweed Bassman

2001 Zen Master

Budda Twin Master

1960 Two-Tone

Gretsch 6156

L6 Modern High Gain

Soldano SLO Super Lead Overdrive

Class A-30 Fawn

Vox AC- 30

1968 Plexi Variac'd

Marshall “Plexi”

1993 Match D-30

Matchless DC-30

1960 Class A-15

Vox AC- I5

Line 6 Variax Acoustic

Line 6 Original (clean)

Line 6 Class A

Line 6 Original (crunch)

1960 Tiny Tweed

Fender Tweed Champ

1973 Hiway 100

Hiwatt DR-103

1996 Brit JM Pre

Marshall JMP-1 rack

1985 Cali Crunch

1985 Mesa Boogie Mark llc

Line 6 Lunatic

Line 6 Original (Hi-Gain)

L6 Boutique #1

Dumble Overdrive Special Clean Channel

Brit J-2000 #2

Marshall JCM2000


Effect Models:

Based On:

Octave Fuzz

Tycobrahe Octavia

Auto Swell

Line 6 Original

Jet Flanger

A/DA Flanger

Auto Pan

Line 6 Original

Sweep Echo

Line 6 Original

Reverse Delay

Line 6 Original

Small Room

Line 6 Original

Large Hall

Line 6 Original

Vintage Plate

Line 6 Original

Blue Comp

Boss CS-1 Compression Sustainer

Auto Wah

Mutron III Up

Bias Trem

Vox ‘67 AC-30 Tremolo

Analog Delay

Boss DM-2 Analog Delay

Stereo Delay

Line 6 Original

Lux Spring

Blackface Fender Deluxe amp

Tiled Room

Line 6 Original

Rich Chamber

Line 6 Original

Large Plate

Line 6 Original

Red Comp

MXR Dynacomp

Analog Chorus

Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble

Rotary Drum

Fender Vibratone


Roland RE-101 Space Echo

Ping Pong

Line 6 Original

King Spring

Line 6 Original

Dark Hall

Line 6 Original


Line 6 Original


Jen Electronics Cry Baby® Super

Chrome Custom

Modded Vox® V847


Maestro® Boomerang


Vox® V847


RMC Real McCoy 1


Colorsound® Wah-Fuzz


Pitch shifter